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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Heard: Pithy Sweet George Glass and the Beat Ventriloquists...

... live at the Continental Room in downtown Fullerton!

We decided to kick off our blog in a most awesome way by attending the performance of Courtney's friends band, Pithy Sweet. Most times when people have friends in music groups they aren't very stellar (to put it nicely), but Courtney has excellent taste so it was no surprise what the night had in store for us... even if we were in OC.

Actually, I was a little taken aback when we walked into the Continental Room and was greeted by the Beat Ventriloquists spinning jam after jam. Woah. Wait, really?! I'm now way impressed! If you don't know, the Beat Ventriloquists most recently had two of their songs on the popular show CSI: NY and have been featured in 944 Magazine. Circling back to the night, since we arrived on time we scored a booth right in front of the stage and dance floor. Prime spot for people watching and photo taking. Courtney and I decided to get a little dancing in before the performances and inadvertently became the catalyst that got the dance floor started *HI5's*

Los Angeles band George Glass hit the stage and rocked, playing their latest song Sunshine. Judge for yourself, but their style reminds me of 90's Weezer. That's a good thing, because I love Weezer, and therfore now love George Glass! After their set, the band we intentionally came to see took the stage to set up. The floor packed with anticipating fans trying to snag a spot closest to the stage. Guitars and drums were heard being tested, then the curtain opened to an unlit stage speckled in green holographic dots... Pithy Sweet commenced with playing the awesomeness that is their music and easily assisted all of us fans in head nodding, body swaying and pure jamming. My favorite song is their blues-y hit  Bring It On.

I'm predicting talent like this isn't going to stay local for long. I mean the free entrance to the Continental Room was a serious steal for the show we got, so I'm highly suggesting you checkout all of the guys websites for upcoming performance dates. (Click on the links above the pictures below)

LP& S!

Located: 115 W. Santa Fe Ave Fullerton, CA 92832 (714) 469-1879

The hottest shoes of the night belong to you sister...

 Gene Bautista of the Beat Ventriloquists

 Look what you do to them!

Pithy Sweet packed the floor...

Courtney & Irene

*Photography by Irene

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