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Monday, May 23, 2011

I Love Bows!

"Wearing a bowtie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance." - Richard Kaplan

i love bows


I'm a sucker for bows! Really, like, I seriously love wearing a big bow! However, only second to wearing hearts. I'm sure there must be some deep unexplored narcissistic reason that I love bows, but we wont go there and I will never acknowledge that lol

Bows, as many of us started wearing before we could even speak or knew what they were, have the ability to make a really cute outfit that much more adorable or stylish (if you're 18 and older). They add a big splash of color, a little sass, and depending on how your wear them a touch of 50's/ 60's throwback. But, mostly bows add a lot of panache!

Here's my 2¢ on how to rock them...

  1. Prints/ Colors- That crazy print scarf that your Aunt, Grandma, Boss etc. bought you might just be the fashion gem you've been searching for. Interesting prints and bold colors make for great bows. I might not be so inclined to wear the orange Hermes scarf pictured in group A, but tie-it-and-loop-it and I'm good to go!
  2. Go Big or Go home- Big bows are statement pieces and for super cheap at that! The next time you're wearing an outfit in need of that elusive "something", try throwing on a big bow and minimizing your jewelry. You're guaranteed to take on a whole new look! (See my photo below for reference)
  3. Wear them Everywhere- I wear my bows, not only tied around my neck, but also around my wrist, on my purse, on my tank top, around my waist like a belt, even on my shoes. Be creative, you never know what can work.
  4. All else- If you're not feeling as showy as the rest of us, you can still wear bows that are already designed into your everyday wardrobe such as the purses and tops pictured above in B and C. You can also find plenty of jewelry with small bow pendants as well.  


My "Peace" scarf fashioned into a Big Bad Bow!

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