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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mad about...Hats!

If there’s one way to spice up an outfit and to cover your bad hair day, it’s none other than a hat. Hats have been one of my favorite accessories since I was preschool age. I remember I wore one just about every day, so it’s only natural that the trend stuck with me.
I remember one of my favorite hats when I was little was a Bowler Hat. I wore it with EVERYTHING and I mean everything. It was a popular accessory in the 1980’s that has made a comeback. I like to wear this hat with my more urban/bold print outfits. In the picture, you can see I am wearing a green print and I love how the hat just brings out the green more.

Simple outfit choice: Black leggings, an oversized white shirt, and a black heel/flat.

The Floppy is my “right now” hat. I think it’s a great for summer, because it’s perfect for when you go to the beach when you lay out by the pool or even for a mid day stroll along the harbor. This is also a favorite of mine, because it’s very bohemian which is my favorite look for summer. In the picture you can see I paired mine with a denim top, black leggings, and brown wedge; but the hat was the focal point really tying it all together.

Simple outfit choice: Jean shorts, a white peasant top and brown sandals

When I see a fedora, I think simple yet edgy. This is my favorite “casual” hat that I like to wear this when I’m going shopping or to lunch with a friend. It’s cute and adds a little something to the outfit. In the picture, you see me at the zoo in jean shorts, white oversized top and sandals. This was perfect way to really tie together the casualness of the outfit in a simple yet stylish way.

Simple outfit choice: Jeans, cute top and flats/sandals.

Yes, this is a hat as well as a famous British meat dish. I think this is one of the most underrated hats out there, but I have seen it make its way into the fashion circuit as of late. I love how it sits on the back of you head and frames the face. I have seen stars such as Mischa Barton and Sienna Miller wearing this style as well as no other than Rev Run. I feel this would go more with an urban style of clothing as well. In my picture, I am wearing the same outfit (coincidence I know) as the bowler and it does the same thing, brought out the print of my outfit. I think it’s just a really cute accessory that super cute and unique.

Simple outfit choice: Black fitted skirt, gray top and black flats/boots. 

So take a risk and try a new hat! There’s nothing more fun and daring than to try something new. And why not update your wardrobe while you’re at it.


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