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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We Spotted: Sears + FCUK. No Oxymoron.

My memories of Sears revolve around my Grandfather and home appliances. In his late years he loved shopping at Sears for short sleeved shirts with 2 pockets. Yes, not just one pocket, but they HAD to have two. Um, yeah. Since I adored my Grandad, I obliged him, especially since there was nothing in Sears that interested me. The juniors and women's clothing selection at the time was far less than attractive: tons of weird prints, funky material, and just "no". "Hell no".

Fast forward 14 years, and I meet a classmate who works for Sears. I'm skeptical, because he dresses too well for them, but he swears his entire outfit is from there. Hmmm. I tell him my preconceived opinion about his employer, and he assures me Sears has changed. Well, I finally made my way there today and fell head over heels for French Connection UK's exclusive affordable line, UK Style. I also loved several pieces from Sears' in house brand, Apostrophe. If you've ever watched June Ambrose's Youtube vids where she runs through stores styling fabulous outfits along the way while throwing out the most hilarious comments, I kinda had one of those moments. Here's my end results...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A legend never dies

"I did not become someone different that I did not want to be, but I'm new here. Will you show me around?"

Gil Scott-Heron
B. April 1, 1949- D. May 27, 2011

It was an honor to experience your work & presence. Although I longed for the day I could see you play again, you've left behind an everlasting legacy for me to cling to.

Sincerest of Love,

Happening Headbands: A How-To Video on How to Wear Headbands

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Over 30 Shoes for Under $30!

Literally, the footwork has been done for you! I've hand selected 30 plus of the hottest shoes for under $30. A true Fashionite knows how to work her money to stay fab, even in a bad economy!

BOOTS Under $30

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