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Friday, June 24, 2011

We Heard: 8 Artist You Should Have on Your Playlist

a.k.a Donald Glover, the Actor from Community, Writer for 30 Rock and Stand Up Comedian now adds Rapper (although that sounds so simplified) to his repertoire. The guy is major talented, take a listen to his song "Freaks and Geeks"

Hopefully you've heard of a couple of the artist on here, but I'm sure you've at least heard of Frank Ocean or listened to his single "Songs for Women". If not, catch yourself up quickly by reading his interview with Complex Magazine and downloading his entire mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra for FREE.

I guess listing their sound as tropical would be appropriate since it does evoke feelings of chill, ease, and contemplativeness. San Francisco band, Girls, has an album (Broken Dreams Club) chock full of great songs like: "Heartbreaker" "Alright" and "Carolina". Also listen to "Lust for Life".

If you can convert the Geto Boyz infamous song "My Mind Playing Tricks on Me" into an Eletro Pop hit, you've surely got skills! Checkout Glass Candy's entire new album Digital Versicolor with my favorite picks: "Geto Boys" "Beatific" and "Animal Imagination".

Just who is Kreayshawn? Find out in her interview with Paper Mag where she discusses her hit single "Gucci Gucci", growing up in Oakland, and the "White Girl Mob". Don't let the title of her song fool you, apparently Gucci, Fendi and Louis are for basic b-itches.

All of you summer lovers better watchout cause "Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant"! Hopefully not, so the morning after listen to "Daylight" also by Ninjasonik and thank your lucky stars you wrapped it up.

I love Reggie's song "F-ck Sh-t Stack" and apparently 2,756,220 listeners (and counting) do too! If you wish to keep your ears sterile you can always listen to "I Just Want To" or just buy his album "Why S#+! So Crazy!" and his enjoy his stellar comedy.

What do Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Gucci Mane, La Roux, the Jackson 5 and Jay-Z all have in common? They've been mashed into super sonic dance tracks by The White Panda. Checkout their Top 10's which include "I want Brooklyn Back" and "Bust a Love".

*Let us know your favorite new artist

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Experienced: LACMA- Gaining Fashion Inspiration from Art

Kerry James Marshall, De Style, 1993
 The "Black Paintings" of spanish old Master Francisco Goya and the expressionist drawings of American artist Charles White helped inspire Kerry James Marshall's series of moody paintings of shadowy figures. De Style alludes to two traditions in Dutch painting. The title is a pun on De Stijl, a modernist art movement that emphasized line, abstraction, and primary colors, while the scene of men gathered in a barber shop recalls Dutch group portraiture of the seventeenth century.

It took two 4 hour visits to LACMA just to get through ninety percent of the exhibitions. This, not including the Tim Burton Exhibit (going thru October), nor stopping by the Pavillion for Japanese Art, or the Children's Gallery. So little time, so much art to stop and take in! What's a girl to do... However, among the hundreds of pieces I viewed, there were a few that resonated with me. One of which is Kerry James Marshall's painting De Style (pictured above) which can be found in the Broad Contemporary Art building.

As a person always looking to my surroundings for inspiration, I tend to do a couple of things when something catches my eye: (1) Observe the item for what it is, (2) Look closer at the detail texture or color that intrigued me, and (3) Figure out a way to incorporate my new found interest into something completely different. Most times I'm looking for fashion inspiration, so here are my 3 favorite paintings translated into clothing...


Inspired by Kerry James Marshall- De Style, 1993 (Men)

Joan Brown, Girl in Chair, 1962

Inspired by Joan Brown- Girl In Chair, 1962

Edouard Vuillard- Walking in the Vineyard, 1897-99

Inspired by Edouarrd Vuillard- Walking in the Vineyard, 1897-99

Located: 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 857-6000

Friday, June 17, 2011

We Spotted: Men's Summer Style from Day to Night!

If you ask me what is the first thing I notice about a man, without hesitation, I will blurt out "His style!" Quite simply: There is nothing better than a well dressed man.

Up until this point we've pretty much covered only women's fashion, but don't think for a second that we've forgotten about you gorgeous guys. Before you step out the door in just a tee, jeans and those worn in Converse or flip flops, here are six very different looks to keep you looking dapper from sunny summer days to hot summer nights...
In addition, I highly urge you to do 2 things:

1. WATCH New York Times Photographer, Bill Cunningham's On the Street video, Unwilted . In it he showcases the flawless NYC street style of men keeping it fashionable, even through New York's famous sweltering humid sticky heat. If they can work it, so can you bro's!

2. STUDY & STUDY some more The Urban Gentleman's Mens Spring Summer 2011 Fashion, Trends & Style Guide. Their post should be your "go to" reference guide for looking on point all summer long.


Cali Summer (Men)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We Spotted: Red Carpet Vintage Fashion Show

On Saturday, myself and Blogger/ Designer Vanessa of SweetLeigh attended the Art Institute of California-Hollywood's Red Carpet Vintage Fashion Show which celebrated 20 years of student design. Although the city was covered for the most part of the day with June Gloom, it in no way impeded upon the crispness of the show.

Held on the rooftop of the parking structure, guest were treated to an amazing 360 degree view of Los Angeles, in addition to a beautiful white runway lined with covered seating. From my previous experience attending school fashion shows, I was utterly impressed with the professional set up, coverage and marketing of the event. With students contributing to all aspects of the show: from the brochure, to set design, photography, even catering, in no way did I feel as if amateurs had a hand in the show. Clearly, AI is all about quality.

Having positive first impressions setting precedence and a body moving soundtrack of music (which I wish was for sale) being played, I was so ready to see what was in store for us.

Take a front row look at the slide show, and you be the judge...

While I thoroughly enjoyed almost every look that graced the runway, by far my favorite designers were: Angela Fuentes with her 1930's inspired collection that screamed San Francisco; Florianne Magcawas' cream, butter and lemon colored 1950's jacket, skirt, and frocks; Tam Kalajian 1950's inspired wedding dresses of varied lengths with enormous bow detailing; and all of the 1960's designers, Jiyai Cao, Fernanda del Martin Campo, and Mae Ballares, but especially Alison Magrane's punchy hot pink, lime green, black and white mod collection which looked to be fashioned from oil cloth.

Many Thanks to Event Manager Adam Lenehan for accommodations!

Located: 5250 Lankersheim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601 (877) 468-6232
For further information about the event and upcoming events visit AI News& Events

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Importance of Budget Friendly Fashion

As you know I have made several mentions about wallet friendly shopping (see: Bella Couture Boutique, Sears UK Style, and Over 30 Shoes for Under $30). I purposely bring up the topic due to the uncertain state of our economy. For most people, it's not realistic to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing, even if they are necessities. I like to remain as real as possible, and that's not to say that I wont occasionally toss in a "dream" or "splurge worthy" item, however, I'm choosing to focus on being what we'll call a Financially Responsible Fashionista. I personally consider myself to be one, and have had tons of experience in doing so. There's been times when I've had major $$$'s to spend and times when I shouldn't have even thought about a store. So, I understand the need to remain to fashion forward from both ends of the spectrum.

While Forever21 is a perfect place to suit your budget friendly needs, I want you to know that there are several other options available to you. For instance...

Monday, June 6, 2011

All About Dad: ICF's Fathers Day Gift Guide

Don't even think of getting your Dad (aka your personal ATM) anything mundane and "bleh" this Father's Day! The man deserves better, don't you think? Plus, rather you want to admit or not, deep down you know he's a cool guy so why not get him something to let him know just how cool he really is...

Friday, June 3, 2011

We Spotted: Bella Couture Boutique- A Diamond in the Rough

By a serious fluke did I happen to stop by Bella Couture Boutique. In fact if it wasn't for a Sephora sales clerk giving my Mom and I the "scoop" on a certain make up brand being sold for half price at the beauty store next door, we would have never ventured this way. Lucky for us we can't pass up a steal.