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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Importance of Budget Friendly Fashion

As you know I have made several mentions about wallet friendly shopping (see: Bella Couture Boutique, Sears UK Style, and Over 30 Shoes for Under $30). I purposely bring up the topic due to the uncertain state of our economy. For most people, it's not realistic to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing, even if they are necessities. I like to remain as real as possible, and that's not to say that I wont occasionally toss in a "dream" or "splurge worthy" item, however, I'm choosing to focus on being what we'll call a Financially Responsible Fashionista. I personally consider myself to be one, and have had tons of experience in doing so. There's been times when I've had major $$$'s to spend and times when I shouldn't have even thought about a store. So, I understand the need to remain to fashion forward from both ends of the spectrum.

While Forever21 is a perfect place to suit your budget friendly needs, I want you to know that there are several other options available to you. For instance...

1.Online Shopping- Shopping online is perfect in times of a limited budget. Most companies have clothing that is exclusively sold online, therefore providing unique items with a better chance for a deal; as well as Sale sections, Clearance, and Last Chance buys that are super cheap. In addition, shopping online allows you to use promo codes which could range from 5%-30% off items or even Free shipping. My favorite promo code site is RetailMeNot, which offers discounts for places like Nine West, Dr. Jays and Victoria's Secret.

2.Big Chains: Nordstrom Rack, Ross, Target, Marshall's etc- You guys should all know by now that these stores are the best spots to score really cute clothes for el cheapo. I cannot tell you how many shirts, pants, skirts and dresses I've bought from Ross for under $30. I've even scored a Calvin Klein dress for $40, which was originally priced at $120. Plus, the jewelry selections offered by these stores is awesome. I recently stopped into TJ Maxx and damn near went on a jewelry heist. I wanted everything!

ReWork It!

Your closet is your biggest untapped resource. I am the queen of Reworking. I will wear a dress with a skirt over it and a jacket; or a skirt as a top or a dress depending on the length. I don't wear my clothing only for it's intended purposes. I get creative and you should too! 

4. Thrift Stores- While I will not reveal my two favorite thrift stores, because I don't want you guys snagging my goods. lol I will, however, suggest you thoroughly hit up your local second hand store if you haven't done so already. Don't just stop in the women's section, stake out the menswear too. Once I eyed a guy down for a vintage Karman Western Kenny Roger's shirt. That's besides the point, but you can find amazing pieces that will wind up making your wardrobe over into something more fabulous and unique than it would be if you had gone to the mall. That's the thing about thrifting, it's mostly one of a kind. Also, be sure to ask about sales. I believe Goodwill has a 50% off sale every now and then, so jeans that would have cost $5 are $2.50, sometimes you'll get lucky and score designer jeans for that. Trust me, I know. I've scored a pair of Armani pants for $5. That's straight from the mouth of a 3rd Generation Thrifter.

5. Accessorize- As I've mentioned in my I Love Bows post, something as simple as a bow can totally remake an outfit. Accessories are the easiest and cheapest way to create a new look out of something old. As Courtney mentioned in her post Happening Headbands and Mad About Hats, both items are a great way to add something extra to your look. Scarves are really wonderful too, as they can add splashes of color, sophistication, or fun to an outfit.

6. DIY- One of my favorite blogs that I've followed forever is Erica Domesek's  P.S.- I Made This. If you really want to be fashion forward on a budget this lady has got all the tips and tricks on how to take what you've already got, and snip it and glue it into something completely new and fab! This is an absolute must.

7.The lost art of being content- Not to get all hippie dippy, but truthfully sometimes it's not about shopping and buying new stuff. It's about taking a step back and looking at yourself and all that you already have, looking in the mirror and seeing how amazing you already are, and being thankful & appreciative of just that. Being content is an amazing state of mind.


Note: If you have any tips you'd like to share on how you stay fashion forward on a budget we want to know.

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