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Friday, June 24, 2011

We Heard: 8 Artist You Should Have on Your Playlist

a.k.a Donald Glover, the Actor from Community, Writer for 30 Rock and Stand Up Comedian now adds Rapper (although that sounds so simplified) to his repertoire. The guy is major talented, take a listen to his song "Freaks and Geeks"

Hopefully you've heard of a couple of the artist on here, but I'm sure you've at least heard of Frank Ocean or listened to his single "Songs for Women". If not, catch yourself up quickly by reading his interview with Complex Magazine and downloading his entire mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra for FREE.

I guess listing their sound as tropical would be appropriate since it does evoke feelings of chill, ease, and contemplativeness. San Francisco band, Girls, has an album (Broken Dreams Club) chock full of great songs like: "Heartbreaker" "Alright" and "Carolina". Also listen to "Lust for Life".

If you can convert the Geto Boyz infamous song "My Mind Playing Tricks on Me" into an Eletro Pop hit, you've surely got skills! Checkout Glass Candy's entire new album Digital Versicolor with my favorite picks: "Geto Boys" "Beatific" and "Animal Imagination".

Just who is Kreayshawn? Find out in her interview with Paper Mag where she discusses her hit single "Gucci Gucci", growing up in Oakland, and the "White Girl Mob". Don't let the title of her song fool you, apparently Gucci, Fendi and Louis are for basic b-itches.

All of you summer lovers better watchout cause "Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant"! Hopefully not, so the morning after listen to "Daylight" also by Ninjasonik and thank your lucky stars you wrapped it up.

I love Reggie's song "F-ck Sh-t Stack" and apparently 2,756,220 listeners (and counting) do too! If you wish to keep your ears sterile you can always listen to "I Just Want To" or just buy his album "Why S#+! So Crazy!" and his enjoy his stellar comedy.

What do Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Gucci Mane, La Roux, the Jackson 5 and Jay-Z all have in common? They've been mashed into super sonic dance tracks by The White Panda. Checkout their Top 10's which include "I want Brooklyn Back" and "Bust a Love".

*Let us know your favorite new artist

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