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Monday, June 6, 2011

All About Dad: ICF's Fathers Day Gift Guide

Don't even think of getting your Dad (aka your personal ATM) anything mundane and "bleh" this Father's Day! The man deserves better, don't you think? Plus, rather you want to admit or not, deep down you know he's a cool guy so why not get him something to let him know just how cool he really is...

Irene's Father's Day Gift Suggestions

a. SPLURGE- The Art of Shaving Power Shave Set b. Jack Black Jet Traveler Set c. Marc Jacobs iPad Cover d. Treat Dad to one of LA's best burgers at Father's Office  e. VHS and The Babe in the Negro Leagues art prints from 20x200 f. Uncommon Goods Whiskey Stones

However, if your Dad is married to the classics, you can still keep him in style with these suggestions...

All About Dads

Clockwise:  Engraved Money Clip from Things Remembered; Keep him looking spohisticated with Cuff Links; French Press; Grilling Set; For the Dad that likes to fix things around the house Tool Box; Every man needs a really good pair of Dress Shoes to look sharp and fashionable in. Suprise him with this pair from Kenneth Cole

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  1. I love the vhs prints. Another artist does LP prints absolutely love it!