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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother Knows Best!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you fabulous Mom's out there!

We decided to do a very special post as a tribute to the women who gave birth to the two awesome chicks that run this blog! Our Mom's were tasked with styling an outfit for the both of us without any of our input. Here's our BIG reveal....

Courtney & Teri~
My Mom, Teri,  has an eye for simple yet cute outfit ideas. I decided to have my mom dress/style me for a casual dinner date. She wanted it to be a little nicer than your average jeans and tee but still very laid back and simple. For the top she choose a black tank top cowl neck cotton lyrca blend and a short sleeved olive green button up sweater cover. We went with jeans and a cute black heel for the bottom and accessorized with my Tiffany's bracelet, white watch and simple Tacori diamond earrings.

When it comes to describing my style, who knows better than my own mom? In her words, she says i have an "eclectic style that changes regularly". And as for her own style, "simple and comfortable". You can catch my mom in shorts or jeans, tee shirt and rainbow sandals any day of the week. She has told me before that she lives her fashion vision vicariously through me, which has worked well for me and I'm sure it will continue to.

So as a hats off to all mothers, especially mine, Have a fabulous and sassy day and treat yourself like a queen. You deserve it


Irene & Arnetta~
As I said in my bio, my apple never fell from the tree, meaning I'm very much like my parents. With that said, I had no worries about the outfit my Mom was going to select for me, you see she herself is a very fashionable woman. In a later post I will delve deeper into her personal style, but I wanted to focus on her taste and see if: 1. She really knows me like she swears she does and 2. If she really knows best, at least when it comes to fashion.

Here's her take in her own words on....

Why she chose the ensemble
The reason I chose the tribal print is because right now that's hot this season and I wanted to choose pieces that were extremely contrasting. I love bright colors, so I chose the vibrant and multi colored tops with the blues, and I wanted the bottoms to be a solid. Those beautiful tap pant shorts I thought were great to show off Irene's shapely legs and wonderful posterior, and I just love the way they billow when you walk. It's really sexy and feminine and beautiful. I chose the two tone tribal print navy and khaki jacket to kind of tone down some of the brightness of the shorts and the top. I thought she looked better than fabulous in it and she did!

My personal style
Well you're very much into trends, and I also know you like to show off your legs and butt so that was perfect for you. I also think that you're a risk taker when it come to fashion. You're the type of person that other people may not get what you're doing, but you own it. Part of fashion is being confident in what you're wearing, and that's what you do. You're great at that! You take pieces that most people wouldn't even think to put together, and put it together brilliantly, and you just own it.

And, how she describes her style
Eclectic. Just absolutely eclectic! I wake up in the morning and may have had something laid out the night before that I don't feel like wearing, so I'll just throw something together and go "I like that!" It may not even match, the prints may not be the same, it may not be within the same genre, but I just like it. I own it!
June Ambrose and Rachel Zoe watch out ladies!
-For clothing details see below-

Clothing Details:
All items can be found at Forever21
Tribal Jacket- $29.80, In Stores Only
Tribal Tank- $12.80, price online differs from store
Tap Pants- $12.80, price online differs from store

Other Tribal Inspired pieces...
Boxing Kitten is my ULTIMATE fave for sexy fun flirty ethnic print pieces!
Bettye Muller is also on my list...

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