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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Putting the "I" in Fashion!

My fashion journey began at a time when my main writing utensils were a fat blue pencil and Crayola's. Coming from the genes of two very creative and fashionable parents, my apple never fell from the tree! I love fashion. Simple as that. If anything, it's all I know for sure and what I know best. My sense of style reflects my eclectic personality and background. I rely on one of a kind pieces and quirky touches to stand out from the crowd, or classic styling to "blend in with & compliment" my surroundings.

For the most part, people have no qualms telling you what they love about fashion. I find it really easy to do myself. I mean how can you not love beautiful clothes and the freedom to express yourself while wearing them? However, I feel that if you truly love something you can acknowledge it's faults equally, which brings me to why I'm contributing to this blog... I believe fashion still has a long way to go in displaying equal and accurate representation of it's true community, be it ethnicity or size. Fashion is influenced by the world over from people of different shapes sizes colors and backgrounds and it's my intention to capture their contributions and bring them to all of you...


*Presently studying Fashion Merchandising, Fashionite, Desires to be a Designer (although I cannot sew), 3rd Generation Thrifter, Stylist, Food & Wine Addict, Artist and Writer

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