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Monday, October 3, 2011

We Spotted: ELEV8 Boutique

Last weekend, while out for a stroll looking for new material, I finally made the decision to stop into ELEV8 boutique which is located in the heart of Long Beach's East Village Arts District. For whatever reason, I made the mistake of passing by this place many times in the past without stopping in... Luckily mistakes can be corrected!

Entering the vibrant red boutique adorned with metal pipes used as hanging racks and faux dismembered fingers that showcased their rings, it's really hard to ignore the uniqueness of ELEV8 which sets them apart from other local boutiques. With a clothing selection that suits the chill effortless laid back look that is SoCal, and most certainly Long Beach, co-owner Adrian Aglugub said that he and business partner Patrick Santa Ana wanted to bring a bit of Hollywood to LBC. Their vision is to tap into the City's potential and create [our] own fashion destination instead of [us] having to go elsewhere. Carrying brands like Truly Madly Deeply (which I purchased an olive colored striped mens tee for $25), and other clothing from local designers, allows them to offer affordable trendy fashions for everyone.  Adrian also mentioned that they were interested in partnering with local boutiques to put on a fashion show, which I immediately co-signed the idea suggesting that we nix the lack luster artwalk and host a fashion show once a month in its place. I'm really hoping the guys can manifest their vision into reality, because the retail industry in Long Beach needs a serious pick me up. But, I'm certain the ambitious visionary duo, just might be the one thing the city is missing!

The next time you're in the mood for shopping, hop on your cruiser and head to the East Village before you decide to spend your money elsewhere. I guarantee you it's more than worth it! If you don't believe me, take Kate Hudson's word for it, she's a fan too!

*Also checkout the stores website to get personal fashion tips, see clients rocking gear purchased in-house and frequently updated info on what's in store next!

Kate Hudson loves this place too! Those are her kisses...
My Quartz necklace I purchased for $12.50

Located: 105 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA (562) 624-8889

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