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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

4 Everyday Things I do to Make My Life Sweet!

We all know there’s more than enough crap waiting right outside our doors that can literally take one’s day from sunshine and rainbows to a frigid thunderstorm within a nano second. Often it seems even the best of intentions can be thwarted by the tiniest occurrence of plain ol’ bad luck. For most of us it’s just a day or two of misfortune, but others aren’t so lucky… Personally I’ve experienced both, so here are a few simple things I do to keep a smile planted on my face and steal my sunshine back from the abyss.

1. Dress like you love it!
Almost every single day I put forth a good amount of effort and thought into my clothing. I definitely have a style that's all my own and most times based on how I wake up feeling. Sometimes I'm feeling sexy, artsy fartsy, bubbly, in the mood for serious color and other times I feel like FU (yes, that FU). Whatever it is I'm feeling my clothing reflects my mood so that: "FU" translates into all dark colors/ oversized blazer; "bubbly" equals fun touches like big flower pins, and "sexy", which may make for obvious choices, but for me is chiffons lace and clothing that drapes on my body in a goddess like manner. Being dressed well at all times for any occasion is an instant mood elevator.

2. You are what you eat!
By no means am I a healthnut, but I do make several conscious decisions about what I eat. For breakfast, I like to have what my friends refer to as "Sunday Morning" breakfast: berries of any sort, a toasted bagel with a smidge of butter and drizzled in honey and an iced espresso. If I'm really hungry I trade the bagel for pancakes and bacon. For dinner, I go all out and make delicious simple meals which always consist of fresh ingredients and is most times paired with a glass of wine. Being a person who loves food, the importance of eating well is a prime factor in feeling great. Think about the difference in your emotions if you were given the choice between a microwave dinner and a NY Strip steak with roasted potatoes and asparagus. It's a no brainer that you're going to be feeling a little more upbeat presented with the latter.

3. Show your body some love!
Loving yourself is the most important thing you can do in life. I love myself, more particularly I love my body. I’m not my ideal perfect self, yet I can proudly stand in front of the mirror naked and feel just as sexy as a Victoria Secret model. In fact sometimes I blurt out, “Damn I’m hot.” Some may say this is cocky or whatnot, but why shouldn’t we compliment ourselves when we so easily put ourselves down? There’s no logic behind that way of thinking and no healthy self image can come from that. I completely urge you to compliment yourself however much you choose: big butt, big legs, small breast, no hips, no lips, pudgy tummy and all!

4. Good deeds go a long way...
Doing good should come from the heart. No, you shouldn't do good expecting to receive good karma in return, but you will inadvertently gain this wonderful warm feeling inside at the sound of a sincere "Thank you". It's always the little things that matter the most like being polite, acknowledging someone you wouldn't otherwise pay attention to, giving a compliment to an unexpecting stranger, holding the door, even a simple smile can brighten a day! Good deeds are so easy to do and best of all they're FREE!  So if you're in a bad mood, try changing it by treating others how you want to be treated in that moment!

* See that cheesy grin on my face, that's pure happiness!

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  1. I love this my darling cousin. I am still waiting for my makeover... hair and all!!!
    I totally love the fashion from the '20s.
    As for the health-nut, I got you covered. I am happy to help in that department. I'll workout with you and it shall be fun...and probably a bit painful (but in a good way)