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Friday, October 28, 2011

FASH-back Friday!: Coral Hush Puppies

Item: Suede Coral Hush Puppies Loafers

Circa: Late 90's - In High School I was "lucky" enough to be part of the first class to become our schools "Classical High School". Meaning we had to wear uniforms while the upper level grades still wore regular clothing. (Completely unfair and ridiculous. I know...) So, just as I had experience with doing all throughout Junior High, I made myself standout  by adding unique pieces to my wardrobe whenever possible. Insert my coral Hush Puppies' here. My bff Suzanne and I were the only two girls in our school rocking punchy colored HP loafers. Not only were they super comfy, but they were outright fab and the perfect eyecatcher amongst the sea of khaki cardinal and white.

In the Present: Bright colors like coral pair beautifully with crisp white jeans and a bold top to match. I love lots of color and unique prints, so I'm never afraid to wear the two together. The combo makes for a fun and cheery outfit! Plus wearing loafers gives your feet a much needed chance to rest after wearing stilettos 24/7.
ICF's FASH-back Friday!

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