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Friday, November 18, 2011

FASH-back Friday!: Windbreaker

Item: Neon Windbreaker

Circa: Early 90's - Junior High. That time in your life when you really began to mold your individual self and experiment with whatever was in your immediate little world, be it cool or not. I experimented A LOT with fashion at this time: I wore blue lipstick, tried dying my brunette hair with Kool-Aid, dabbled in Goth style, and gave myself an Anarchist tattoo w/ a Crayola marker (my Dad flipped his lid when he caught sight of it on my ankle. lol). All that being said, I had one fashion staple that I rocked consistently, my windbreaker. During that time windbreakers were a must have, especially if they were from the coolest brands: Nike, Adidas, Gap, Puma, Reebok and Old Navy. Mine, however, was from the thrift store and it was the only neon melon colored jacket in school that I proudly wore with my rainbow colored hair ribbon.

In the Present: With fashion already reworking the 80's and in the prime of recreating the 90's look, now is better than ever to sport a windbreaker. Ladies, pair yours with a cute short skirt or a tight pair of jeans and   heels (Think: Sporty Spice mixed with Posh Spice). And guys, well fortunately you're already ahead of the curve because of your endless devotion to athletic wear, but checkout Nike's new version of the windbreaker in a knit sweater fabric. It goes from the Boardroom to the Bar easily!
FASH-back Friday!: Windbreakers
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FASH-back Friday!: Windbreakers- Fellas
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