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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Book Lust: Fashion Africa + LACMA extended

Fashion Africa is my essential must have book of the month! This past year I've really focused my attention on Africa's under exposed fashion industry. Those of you in the industry, hopefully have your eyes and ears open to the leading Designers and trends coming out of the Motherland. If not, pick up this book, which has been touted as the "ultimate fashion guide from Africa" that showcases "45 designers that have been influenced by the heartbeat, the many facets of history, culture, and people of Africa".

My last three book lust are fascinating extensions of my most recent visit to LACMA. You guys know by now, LACMA is like my 3rd home in LA. I cannot get enough of the place! It's like an awesome friend who   magically has something new and perfectly suited to what you just so happened to be in the mood for. Make a point to drop in and check out the Glenn Ligon: America exhibit on view thru January and the California Design "Living in a Modern Way"  exhibit on view thru June. If you missed the eerily whimsical Tim Burton exhibit, or in my case made it to the exhibit but felt like you needed 2 more trips just to really delve into the detail of his creations, take a piece of the exhibit home by purchasing the book. 

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