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Sunday, December 4, 2011

ICF UniqueLA Holiday Show Roundup

Hopefully you guys made it to the Unique LA (now known as State of Unique) Holiday Show this weekend. This was my first visit to the three year old design show created by Sonja Rasula, so I was pretty stoked to see what exactly crafty Angeleno's had to offer. However, I can't lie, the fact that my favorite DJ's, the Beat Ventriloquists, were spinning provided a hefty influence on my decision to attend this year. Checkout the awesome, some of them yummy, finds from vendors that peaked my interest and taste buds!

*Unique LA will soon be expanding to SF and NYC

First things first.. Something a little sweet from Matchbox Kitchen (Chocolate Masrshmallows $5.50)

...and something spicy from Jenkin's Jellies (Hellfire Pepper Jelly, $12) 

Ok guys this pepper jelly is seriously savory sweet delicious with a nice kick in the tongue! If you're like me and love spicy food you'll definitely want to grab a jar of Hellfire.

"The word "Smith" n.- is defined by one who makes or effects anything: like a metalsmith, a locksmith, a wordsmith, etc.  In today's world, we are all "Smiths" of our own destiny..."  Gunslinger Tote $149

Simply put Eva Franco's dresses are to die for!

This mock DJ table captured my heart along with Bug House's faux wall of records and cassettes. 

As a fellow fashionable 4-eyes, I couldn't help but gush over Sire's Crown eyewear made from reclaimed wood and other eco friendly materials. While I love my clear smoky Raybans, I'm ceratin I'm going to be sportin' some nice wood soon! 

I had to save my two favorites for last...

The fly gentlemen of Pocket Square Clothing have a goldmine on their hands, or I should say around their necks. They've developed an awesome concept by giving each bow tie, fashioned from reclaimed fabrics, a distinct name and personality such as "The Denim Guy" and "The Producer". Not only that, but Rodolfo and Andrew are so seriously crafty, they've made everything down to the box the ties come in. 

From the picture below, you can see that I've already started burning my Amber Figue candle ($5) from Topanga Candle Company. While the sexy earthy smells alone are enough to hook you, the best thing about Topanga are their candles poured into vintage coffee & tea canisters, old film reel containers, pots and any other container your heart desires. Oh, and speaking of hearts, if you ever meet Dinah ask her about how this company brought her closer to her love and business partner Tom.


  1. I love Eva Franco dresses ! I can not wait for payday to come around so I can go purchase some from their fall 2012 line. Some may say they are expensive, but I feel they are totally worth every cent. It really bothers me when I go out and I see a girl wearing the same dress as me. I never seem to have this problem when I am wearing a dress from this collection. I really enjoyed browsing your blog and was wondering if you had a Pinterest account that I could follow.

  2. Hi Kelly-

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed browsing the blog.Unfortunately, Courtney and I do not have a Pinterest because we no longer operate this blog.

    However, if there is something specific you have an interest in knowing about, rather it be a current trend or style advice, please feel free to email me at icfashiontoo@gmail.com. I'll be happy to help.

    Lastly, you are absolutely right... Eva Franco dresses are worth every cent!